The Premier Brand
in Skin & Coat Care

Calm Coat was established in 1996 in Ocala, Florida, by a private equine rescue operation dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming distressed horses. The ranch encountered numerous horses and other animals suffering from severe skin conditions, often indicative of neglect and inadequate nutrition. Witnessing this, they aimed to create an all-natural alternative to frequent veterinary visits for treatments and a cost-effective, safe substitute to steroids.

The exceptional results achieved with their inaugural product, Calm Coat All-Natural Spray, prompted friends to make purchases. Soon, local veterinarians were ordering it in bulk, and feed stores began stocking the product. Recognizing the full potential of their All-Natural Spray, the team focused on developing new products, guided by the same principles that shaped their flagship offering.

Today, we remain dedicated to upholding the rescue's commitment and passion for maintaining the quality and promoting the well-being of animals—a commitment that has been central to Calm Coat since its inception.